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User Control

Easily manage users and their permissions, from employees to administrators.

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AI-Powered Detection

Our AI task list automates incident detection with precision.

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Camera Integration

Seamless integration with your existing cameras, no additional setup is required.

About Us

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Our Story, Values, and Mission



Founded in 2022, Roaya is a leader in AI-powered loss prevention and staff behavior monitoring solutions.

Roaya operates under the umbrella of Al-Hulul Al-Aniqah Company and is committed to revolutionizing workplace security and efficiency.

Mission And Values

Our mission is to empower businesses with actionable insights through AI technology. We value innovation, security, and customer satisfaction.

Meet The Founder

Saleh Alsaiari

Saleh Alsaiari is the visionary founder of Roaya. With a passion for leveraging AI technology to enhance safety and efficiency, Saleh’s leadership has driven Roaya to become a trusted name in AI-powered solutions.

His dedication to innovation and excellence continues to shape the future of the industry.

Overview Overview Overview

Effortless Navigation

Intuitive Interface for
Effortless Monitoring

Discover Roaya’s user-friendly dashboard, designed
for seamless navigation and intuitive monitoring.

Effortless Navigation

Intuitive Interface for
Effortless Monitoring

Discover Roaya’s user-friendly dashboard, designed
for seamless navigation and intuitive monitoring.

Overview Overview Overview


Our tech stack powers Roaya’s innovative loss
prevention and staff behavior monitoring solutions.

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Machine Learning

Our AI system employs machine learning for real-time behavior analysis.

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Computer Vision

We use computer vision to detect actions and anomalies in camera feeds.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning models enhance behavior recognition accuracy.

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Our platform utilizes cloud computing for secure, scalable data processing.

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Real-Time Processing

We analyze data as it's generated, enabling rapid response.

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Data Analytics

Data-driven insights help optimize operations.

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Robust protocols ensure data safety and compliance.

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Our interface makes Al monitoring accessible to all users.


Roaya Across Industries

Roaya’s operating system covers all aspects of life for individuals, companies, and governments.


Enhance guest safety and satisfaction by monitoring staff behavior. Ensure regulatory compliance and improve overall hotel security.



Increase factory security and operational efficiency with AI staff monitoring. Detect and respond to safety violations and optimize production processes.


Restaurants & Cafes

Monitor customer engagement and staff behavior to enhance service quality. Improve compliance with food and drinks safety regulations.


Retail Sector

Optimize retail operations by gaining insights into customer behavior and staff performance. Improve store security and compliance.


Government Sector

Enhancing security and compliance within government facilities, including Municipalities, while fostering tourism and education.



Roaya Artificial Intelligence Solution

Empower your business with advanced tools and insights.

  • Boost Employee ProductivityBoost Employee Productivity
  • Identify Loss HotspotsIdentify Loss Hotspots
  • Loss Prevention RecommendationsLoss Prevention Recommendations
  • Monthly Monitoring and ComparisonMonthly Monitoring and Comparison
  • Quality Index MeasurementQuality Index Measurement
  • Instant Protection and Security NotificationsInstant Protection and Security Notifications


Estimate Roaya’s Impact on Loss Prevention

Current Monthly Losses

Enter the amount of money your business is currently losing due to theft, fraud, or other incidents each month.


Number of Locations

Specify the total number of physical locations or stores where you want to implement Roaya’s AI camera system.

Projected Reduction in Losses

Estimate the percentage by which you expect to reduce monthly losses with the implementation of Roaya’s AI camera system.

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Roaya in Action

Embark on a journey to explore the power and precision of our AI-powered loss prevention and staff behavior monitoring capabilities.

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What Our Clients Say

Real Stories, Real results.

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John Smith

Hotel Manager

Roaya has been a game-changer for our hotel. It’s improved security and guest satisfaction significantly.

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Sarah Johnson

Factory Owner

The AI analytics provided by Roaya has helped us optimize our factory operations like never before.

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    Riyadh 12313, Saudi Arabia.
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